World Kidney Day

A project for Kidney Charities Together Group


Every year in March, six kidney charities – the Kidney Charities Together group (KCT) – come together to run World Kidney Day. Its aim is to increase awareness of kidney disease with the general public in the UK. The previous campaigns had mainly been targeted at existing kidney patients and healthcare professionals but the KCT felt it was time to grow the reach and make some real traction with the message. Since 2020, we have rebranded World Kidney Day and each year, worked on making it bigger and louder with fantastic results.

Four mobile devices displaying a typographic social media campaign for World Kidney Day


The Covid-19 pandemic struck the 2020-2022 campaigns which wasn’t good news for mass in-person awareness activities! We had to take a more digital approach. Engaging audiences with augmented reality experiences, working-from-home resources and social competitions they could do at home, meant that World Kidney Day had successes despite the pandemic’s restrictions.

A close up of a hand holding a mobile device using an AR filter over a statue
A mobile device with a collection of branded social posts in and around it. The social posts showcase the brand aesthetic which is very yellow, and uses a lot of typography.
A laptop and mobile device, showcasing on-brand virtual backgrounds and social posts that promote them.
A collection of photos from many different types of people, each posing with a yellow kidney that has the words 'the big topic everyone's ignoring' in it.
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